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Reviews for "Street Fighter X Sonic 2"

the guy below me and i have the same msg work hard great game bro :D

You. Are awesome.
You should really keep it up man, don't lose hope. You know those guys below me?
Those ones that are making negative comments?
They're just jealous.
You don't have to stop making this series.
You can keep the series going. I believe in you.
I have faith in you, MetaMike.

better with awards

this game sucks to bad really a lame game

This so amazing and very incredible cool game and by the way those ppl who say its bad or awkward just ignore them they dont know a thing and another thing for the ppl who dont know the magic and the serial indentification code its at the left there will be 2 papers just read them all and u will know
Magic code:6
Serial identification code: 6269F
Keep up the good work and dont ever stop making these!!