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Reviews for "Street Fighter X Sonic 2"

How on EARTH do you get OUT of the SHIP!

Getting past that second door is quite a pain. I can see it would've been very efficient if the purpose had been to trap unwanted guests inside, but I think it would've been ridiculous to demand a bunch of workers to go through such a procedure just to get out, especially in case of an emergency. Not only would it have demanded every single one of them to stay calm and controlled in the middle of a highly stressful situation, but those with a shaky hand would've been at a serious disadvantage. The person required for such a task would need to have hand -and finger- muscles so calm and steady that it would've been good enough to perform surgery (without accidentally cutting the patient in the process).

MetaMike responds:

Lmao I love this review! Thanks for taking the time to write this, very thoughtful

tsh hahaha !

ANother pixel game? Wooooow, do something original.

I honestly tried liking this game, but cmon, dude, this is a lame street fighter-Sonic crossover. You're so unoriginal, that this game tastes stale.

MetaMike responds:

More watchdogs from wegra ? damn you guys need a life srsly