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Reviews for "Jerry Clouds"


Great game!

I like the graphics (it looks like Ms Paint drawings, but pretty good drawings) and I love the music in this game.

But what the most I like in this game is that how mysterious is it! After playing this game I have so many questions. Who is Jerry? Why he invented cloud machine? What means this graves next to his house? Why he must die at the end of the game?

This is definitely the great art game!

orange08 responds:

i am very happy to find that you enjoyed


orange08 responds:

but jerry is dead so how?

you know, some people live when they get hit by lightning

orange08 responds:

must have been a lethal dose

Alot of people might be thinking, wow so short it's terrible.

But I can see a story to this. There's more to it if uou just look at it right.

I love the game, i hope there are more like it.

orange08 responds:

thank you for this nice comment :)