Reviews for "Fantasiamaailma"

Amazing! This is definitely my favorite piece. Im so glad you picked my painting to be the cover. It is such a perfect fit! I can feel my painting coming alive listening to this. x]

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

We're really glad you enjoy the piece enough to call it your favorite :D
We too decided that your painting is a perfect fit for the track, so thanks a lot for letting us use it!

This song has so many beautiful twists and turns. It fits with the inspiration perfectly. It unleashes so much power that I am tempted to spontaneously start journeying through some dangerous icy mountains and slay several dragons on my way to the heavens' doors.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you! Yeah, this piece is a little all over the place, and I love it XD
We're happy to hear that the track fits the inspiration :3

It's great that this composition evokes such imagery, as that is precisely what we were aiming for :D

Wow ok have fun winning the NIM contest :<

This is too good ><

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hahah, thank you. We are very proud of the track, and it be amazing to win one of the 3 spots. That said, there is a lot of other competition, including your two tracks, so we'll see what the judges decide. I have a feeling that more greatness will be submitted this coming month as well!

I think that we'd be happy as long as we get the track on the album, but winning would always be an extra surprise :3

Seriously though... You've heard Mattashi's track, right? o.O

This is a bit different than what I expected from your earlier posts in the discussion thread but in a good way ;) It´s beautiful and there is so much going on in this piece, damn. You could really follow a fairytale in your head while listening to this. Furthermore, it´s flawlessly produced (the whole 6 mins...). Maybe I wouldn´t have looped because then the piece would settle a bit after the end.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

We're glad to hear you like it even if it is different from what you at first imagined :D
It's also nice to see that this track gives birth to imagery and a story of some kind!
Thank dem0lecule for most of the production! I only affected it by suggesting changes here and there, but he is really the master behind all that :)
Well, this is menu music, so it kinda has to loop. But for the reason you menioned, we decided to make the pause before the loop several seconds long. The loop also has symbolic meaning :3

Thank you a lot for listening, and for leaving your thoughts!!!

Hmmm... where does one begin indeed...
You leave me here contemplating about this. I like the overall structure and vision for this which is to start small/modest and build into something one least knows where they are headed. It certainly is a track that takes us into a world of sound that leaves one in wonder. By journey's end, we seem to have been left which mere fragments of this sonic palette in our memories where we can only try to recall what struck out to us the most and what makes this most intriguing to listen to. I get what eatmeatleet has said about this. It can be difficult as there is so much thrown at us as a listener. Does that make it all the less more interesting? I don't think so as I think all the reviews from others before me are true. I tend to like to analyze your music in the aspect of theory, but I'm forced to just enjoy it by letting it wash-over me as that would be a daunting task. I will say that the two most memorable parts for me in this piece is the piano interlude at 2:22 with its tasteful, syncopated rhythm and melody. The second is that low-string motif underlying everything at 3:51 (reminiscent of what dem0lecule does so well) because of the rhythm, again. So there it is.
It appears that what I find most appealing is the drive behind this piece that you both seem to mask very well with by the profusely intricate melodies.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

That's great to hear! We were kind of waiting for your review, hehhe, and you did not disappoint ;)
We appreciate that you appreciate the structure and the vision behind this composition. I always find that when one is introduced to a new world, be it by book, movie, game or music, there is so much that is never told. A story, no matter how huge, almost always leaves somthing more to be desired, and some mysteries that are never solved. That, is part of the beauty, at least to me. It may also lure the one who enjoyed the world back for more :p
It's also good that we managed to "force" you to just sit back and listen, instead of analyzing the track too much in depth. I've never been too huge on theory, partly because of laziness, but also because if used too forcibly, it can limit freedom. I never fully understand why some people analyze a book thoroughly on the first read, especially if it's a book that was never meant to be analyzed in such a way :)
Sure, you can learn a lot of things by doing so, but I always think that at least the first round should be enjoyed as what it is; entertainment, in most cases. Informational books are another story XD
Same goes when listening to music. A lot of times, it's best to just live the music instead of dissecting it :3

Back to the track, after that weird sidenote :p
It's good that the sudden transition into the piano part is something that people have liked so far. We were a bit worried that the sudden tempo, time signature and rhythm change would throw people off. And dem0lecule is definitely responsible for 3:51 XD

This track definitely works in layers, at least in some parts. Many of the backing rhythms and such are dem0's, and many of the melodies are mine, especially at parts where it gets pretty crammed :)

Then again, many of the backings in the first half are mine, and some very good melodies were made by dem0 o.O
I guess I tried to hide my own style a bit though, so that this would sound more uniformal :p

Thanks so much for your review, we appreciate it a lot ;)