Reviews for "Fantasiamaailma"

This is a bit different than what I expected from your earlier posts in the discussion thread but in a good way ;) It´s beautiful and there is so much going on in this piece, damn. You could really follow a fairytale in your head while listening to this. Furthermore, it´s flawlessly produced (the whole 6 mins...). Maybe I wouldn´t have looped because then the piece would settle a bit after the end.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

We're glad to hear you like it even if it is different from what you at first imagined :D
It's also nice to see that this track gives birth to imagery and a story of some kind!
Thank dem0lecule for most of the production! I only affected it by suggesting changes here and there, but he is really the master behind all that :)
Well, this is menu music, so it kinda has to loop. But for the reason you menioned, we decided to make the pause before the loop several seconds long. The loop also has symbolic meaning :3

Thank you a lot for listening, and for leaving your thoughts!!!

Now there you go.....

I am just truly captivated in this piece. I think you both have shown your finest skills and musicmanship in this piece which can be easily designated as a winner in this competition.

I want to give my 2 cents from a game's perspective basically. The start is slow which can be imagined as camera moving in different directions showing the chaos and then there is a gradual build up which is the preparation of some action, just right where it is needed. Like Matt said, I can also recognise dem0le's signature spiccs and a flow to rush in your adrenaline for some action, i.e., you know here starts the actual game. I am amazed how much going on in the piece which literally requires only a high level musician to do. You cannot just pinpoint one thing; there is lot and lot...Point is this piece can be a perfect blend in any game whether light or epic, just try it.

It deserves it place in top three. Hell, @RealFaction, I will bribe you sucker :D
Congrats to you both for giving NG this top notched composition to listen. Rejoice!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Whoo, thank you Emid! Dem0lecule says hi :3

We definitely tried our hardest and put in tons of effort and time into this. I'm sure that a lot of great tracks will be posted in the month that is to come! Maybe you will participate too ;D?

That moving camera visual is great! It would look amazing, especially if the art/visual department was good :O
Yeah, dem0 is definitely responsible for the spiccato action XD
We definitely see it as the "real" start of what is happening. That is also part of the reason why we let the transition remain so noticable.

I kind of like the effect in some tracks where there is a lot of things one could focus on, and the track sounds a bit different depending on what apect you're listening to. A melody, the backing melody, chords, percussion, etc.
Some of the more epic parts are really crammed with all of those things :3
Down side is that you can lose some simplicity, but that is why we also have parts like 1:17, for people who like a clear and beautiful melody, as well as to paint the full picture.

Thank you a lot for listening and for reviewing, Emid! Dem0lecule said he blushed while reading this, and so did I :')

Holy shiiiiit, this is awesome you guys! This deserves to be in the top 3, hell even first place!
There's so much going on in this piece it's insane. If this were ever used as title music I think it would take me a long while to finally decide and press "start" to play xD
My favorite section was the part starting around 2:24 when the song starts to pick up a bit it sounds so Adventurous and Fantasy-like, love the piano sounds definitely like Lucid's work :) and then with the strings staccato and the choir that sounds like dem0lecule xD I love the blending of your styles together.
This is really beautiful work, makes me want to do a colab with you guys!
I don't know what else to say since I can't give you guys any criticism, loved every bit of it.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hooooly shit those are some awesome compliments (。◕‿‿◕。); totally blushing while reading this, and I'm sure dem0lecule was happy too. It's a shame that only one of us can reply to reviews :p

There sure is a lot going on here. We were thinking of making it even longer, but I'm going on a two week long vacation to Cyprus tomorrow, so we figured we should probably finish it up before that XD

Basically, the beginning of the track is a bit simpler/smaller, so that a player could choose to start the game if they wanted to, and the rest of the piece is there more as a surprise reward for those who wait and listen, I guess :D (That is what I would think if I was a developer for a game that'd use this track).

2:24 is really where the track picks up its pace (literally, as the tempo increases to 160 bpm). But who would've thought that I had 0% to do with that specific piano part XD
Apart from some of the obvious parts, like the solo piano intro that is of my making, and the percussion that is clearly dem0lecules, it can be difficult to tell who did what (for example, I made parts of the choir too). But dem0lecule stood for all the intruments and mixing in the end, because he is both better at that than me, and has far better intruments.

We both think it was an amazing experience to collaborate, and we'll definitely do it again. It really opened up some new possibilities for the both of us :D

"This is really beautiful work, makes me want to do a collab with you guys!"

=> OMG yes. That'd be like the most amazing thing ever o.O!!

Thank you a lot for the extremely positive and nice review. It means the world coming from you :D
I'm still sure you'll be in the top 3. We would be lying if we didn't admit that we were greatly inspired to work harder when we heard the greatness of your track ;)

Thank you and good luck, Mattashi! :3

well done. beautiful piece. i replayed it several times.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Great to hear! Thanks for listening, several times :D

Wow, this is beautiful. It's got great dynamics and it's passion-driven. I wish I could make stuff like this. I've made stuff in this style but it's not one of my strong genres. I'm really at a loss of words here, but all I can say is, well done. Amazing job. I enjoyed all of it. Insane amount of creativity here.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a million, RealFaction, and thank you for hosting this awesome contest. In a way, you've taken part of every single track that is submitted for the NIM contest, as you have given all us musicians a reason to create something great :D!

Also, I definitely get what you mean. There's no way I could just sit down and make something like this either! That is the beauty of collaboration ;)

Thanks for the work you're putting into the judging and everything else; I've seen your reviews all over the place, and they are all constructive and pretty fair :3