Reviews for "How To Move On"

I found the drawing style to be simple and nice.

The commentary for moving on suddenly from moving on, to simply getting back with their ex. I guess it is hard to forget about some people and move on when that happens. Sure, trying to forget hurts, but it's part of moving on as you said.

The audio was nice too, the background music was enjoyable and made me think of someone doing a demonstration of some kind such as what you were doing.

Overall, awesome, silly, and welcome to Newgrounds.

I could move on... If I had an ex... If I ever had a girlfriend... or something... hello? internet? anyone there?

seriously good work dude :)

Oh man, I know those feels. I thought it was hilarious how you slipped from talking about a vague every-man into a semi-personal story.
But seriously man, I think the message you were trying to tell us all is not to eat burgers. Because those are bad for you. Or something.

itsalexclark responds:

thanks :) don't eat burgers - unless they're on the value menu.

Althought I disagree about the ending, it's still a cool story and animation :)