Reviews for "Cody's Nightmare Vacation"

Wow, I definitely did not expect Estonia to be mentioned here.
The game seems pretty fun, but I suppose my opinion doesn't matter much considering how new I am to point and click adventure games of this type. I've haven't gotten into this genre yet, and I've only played them for like... uh... 30 minutes? So yea.
The game was pretty good, and of course I must give an extra star for Estonia even though I bloody hate this country with a passion.

what is wrong with your games? i can't find the map because the screen is too small and then i can't click out of settings. please please PLEASE! fix this.

I repeated the game more than 10 times and I can't get the medals, there is a glitch need to fix!

So well done!..

Yes, it is not a tough-to-crack quest, which does not make it a good game of another kind.
And I would've not started this review like I did. Would not, if the tune in the final credits would not fit that well. :)

As with most of DeathTiger0's games, this one was downright fantasic. Kudos to Asukakun's review, because without it, I'd still be scratching my head as to how to get the "gas explosion" medal.