Reviews for "Cody's Nightmare Vacation"

I admit that I am not really a fan of these kinds of games. I was hoping to play something Thanksgiving related. A pity it isn't that popular here. What I really like is how good the artwork is. The game itself can be bland, but it really is layed out in a nice way. It's fun to listen to that music as well.

It's rare you play a slice of life game. It's neat to know that you can do things without supernatural stuff. It really always shows up nowadays. I couldn't get a single medal though. At least they're aren't that many.

Well I gotta say that was a short and sweet amusing game. Seeing as you got more of these I think I'll give em a chance.

I was hoping to see this one soon. I played it on your website and had loads of fun with it. The marriage theme is one I've seen a lot with your games but I think here and with "Luke" they truly fit. Hope to see more games soon.

great game .. and to win the medal gas explosion you will have to give the cake to someone before handing the priest

how to get the gas explosion award pls :(