Reviews for "Pact"

Very nice look and storyline, but...

The skill costs to opponent strength balance is way off, it the gold cost vs exp cost also. The game is badly imbalanced.
It's repetitive. Also, you need more "overview" ability, i.e. checking potion quantities out of battle, map of forest explored so far, the ability to re-equip past "other" gear.
Give a feeling that the game is linear, grind-based and choice-less: move, mow down opponent, raise skills, repeat.

Fixable, but needs a better design flow of play design. Too bad, I usually love your games.

This was a great game. I like the way characters glow when they are in charge of the conversations. The cutscenes are great, the map system reminds me of the classic games I got used to as a kid (like Task Maker and Exile) and the fighting system is as intuitive as it gets. Great mixture of pixel graphics (for the map) and full-blown sceneries for everything else. It just might be one of the best RPGs I've played this year, just a so simple and yet a challenging; wholesome experience. I really wish the game had some medals though, feels like I'm only completing such games nowadays; I'd love to finish this! :) Keep it going.


The Lorestrome logo is my way to find out how good this game is, but why not do you can use items outside battle, and a enemy wiki?

Love these style of games, very good story line, always keeps me wanting more :)

Long, repetitive, unfulfilling, and ultimately I could not continue playing after an hour of mashing mouse1.
I could barely progress, since the shopkeeper wanted 300 billion, yes Billion with a B, for an upgrade from a Bronze Sword to whatever...When the enemies drop ~50 gold at a time.

It has good art, which I expect from Hyptosis. But I should've also anticipated that, while good looking, it's barely a game.