Reviews for "Pact"

It's a good RPG, and a nice follow-up to that other game of yours. My problems are that the random battles happen either far too often or not often enough, the rewards from the fights just are not enough, and there's either a bug with the blacksmith or it scales itself rather unfairly in regards to the characters' development.

My suggestions are as such: allow movement changes for random encounters (like changing between hunting for them, sneaking past them, or standard walking), change how experience is given (instead of one big experience pool, have it all split evenly), and not exponentially increase the price for the next weapon or armor (or fix that wild bug)(I mean, 15,000-something coins for a bronze sword? really?)

over all- was fun but than got really easy.
idea was great
story was good
it all worked (no glitches)

battles way too predictable
gold is worthless
couldn't and didn't need to buy potions from a store

for battle
-make some enemies with different health.
+ Ex. use the same animation for a lvl 1 rat but give one of them 4 health and another 6 .
- this would prevent me from being able to save exp and gold
-don't let me go first every time. its not fair. i had 100% health after i spent my first 1000exp.
-skills that hit all enemies have to be dulled down. i had the two charters doing all the work.
-Using potions out of battle (it makes it harder not really important)
- you got to fix your shop's price system. i bought three things i think. just wasnt worth the try to buy anything after awhile.

other than that you have a really good game. I hope you do something great with it. if you change it or make a new one i would play it. i can see this going very far.

I like the game very much but when the enemy battles start and your group has high damage then they become very annoying. Still its a good gane

This is a good game, but it could be better. Starting off, I do enjoy the lore and art work, which is as always brilliant.
Some bits of the writing seem a tad problematic, with the blackest character speaking in a very stereotypical witch doctor speech, and everyone kowtowing to the absolute whitest of white characters. I assume nothing intentional, just something to keep in mind.

As far as actual game-play, it is kind of boring. not much of anything changes. With the amount of XP given out, I had just dumped everything into str, and one-shot things. Given that the monsters did not get tougher over time, there was never any risk to my actions, which is the hallmark of a good Rogue-like. To me the JRPG style combat detracted from the overall package. If something similar to early wizardry games could have been made, it would have really been spectacular.

Biggest things to work on would be balancing gold given and XP, to add a bit of a challenge.

love it keep it up