Reviews for "Pact"

Good game! I've been playing it for about 20 mins and haven't encountered any medals yet; are there any in the game? It'd be cool if there were a medal for each item stumbled upon (you could even expand that to combinations such as "Silver Ring + Meadow" so people can further strategize their replay). Love the artwork!

So.... Why can i not use potions outside of battle? And why is it that potions are the only way to bring back manna?

I like the system of movement.
By the way, the soundtracks can be downloaded?

I really like RPGs so I understand the need to grind some, but there are some improvements needed in this:

1. An indicator (like a simple color) to let us know which entry point we entered the board from.

2. Give the Shop it's own icon on the map.

3. Let us choose which accessories to equip or unequip. But I get the old school approach towards this. It reminds me of Wizardry.

4. Buyable potions.

5. A more evened out pricing system for the equipment. So far the two girls were far cheaper to equip than the Rogue/thief type. I don't think I was able to afford anything of his yet. His stuff is very expensive from the beginning. In usual RPG settings, all characters have starter gear and work their way up. The better, the more expensive. So I'm not sure how awesome you were planning to make him, but according to tradition those prices should indicate he's a force to be recon with.

Most of the time I'm wondering around and it's a bit confusing as to when the story will start back up. So could we:

6. Have a main map showing the direction the main characters are supposed to take for the sake of progressing the storyline?

Wandering around should be an option. It's a good thing that helps us discover new items and level up, but some people just want to get to the story and beat the game.

Other than that....

I had no framerate issues.

Game loaded nicely.

Art was good.

Voice acting was pro.

Mechanics were nicely done! Especially on the map!

Modest and bad reviews but top game this month...interesting.