Reviews for "Pact"

that's so funny, Neophyte-Ronin, because some of us were convinced that role-playing IS a part of gaming.

The earliest recorded histories document rites among tribes in which they roleplayed to achieve psychological maturity as they understood it.

Read some Joseph Campbell. Are you that guy who calls such literature useless, or will you take the time to learn from it?

excellent fair, Hyppy. watch out for too many battles though.

Reminds me of a slightly worse version of this game:
but its they're both still fun in their own rights

why does the black woman speaks like calysto of pirates of the caribbean?

Pact is a good game. Its only problem is the leveling system, where you use exp. points to upgrade your characters -- which may become tedious and time consuming after some time, because you usually need a considerable amount of exp. points if want to improve all characters in your party, either simultaneously or one by one.

Hi. Just wanted to say I really like your game, [1] engine, [2] music, [3] graphics, and [4] plot ... except that random combat can sometimes occur with every step ! It really does slow down the game and become tedious when the "dice" fall against you.

Are you working on a PACT 2 or something ?

Can I also suggest that combat can be enacted entirely by keyboard as well as mouse ? Press letter for [A] attack, [S]pecial, [P]otions. Then target is [1], [2], [3].

Also currently there is no option to back out once you have selected [Attack].

Experience points are a little strange. You must use the total points for each individual character but you cannot have all 3-characters grow like a standard RPG does.

Other than that, the very constant and consistent random encounters. Tune that down a bit and I suspect it won't be just me who will like your RPG a lot more.