Reviews for "Pact"

-Great graphics (as usual)
-Nice music
-Good continuity from Spellsword and artwork teasers you posted earlier
-Great plot, overall
-Excellent mix of party members and character abilities
-Interesting flavor text when describing areas
-Easy interface

-Pretty repetitive
-Not much variety in enemies
-Inability to switch special equipment between players
-Vanilla item system

I'm a huge fan of Roguelikes, so right there you score major points with me. This game is similar to, but better than, Steelcurse and Rise--I definitely think your game designs are improving from good to excellent. I also like the story setting that you've built up for Pact, and I would very much like to see a sequel with more features (items, stat and skill building, more varied enemies, etc.). Overall, great game, but I'm sure I'm not alone in asking for more variety and less grinding.

Wonderful game, some minor suggestions though:

1) I for one don't like hearing my mouse click so much. Consider some keyboard shortcuts?
2) Blacksmith costs are outrageous from the second one I met on. I would have to play for hours just to buy something from the second one, and I would have to play for months to buy something from the third one.
3) Gold reward from killing monsters doesn't feel right. I kill high level monsters and get about the same gold as if I killed a low level monster.
4) Use potions outside of battle
5) Just pump all my exp into the first characters Strength and Spirit. Use multi attack ability on everything. Profit.
6) Game got REALLY repetitive at the end, all I was doing was spammingAmerwyn's Wolf's Fang ability. Once I ran out of mana I drank one of the 30+ mana potions I had and used Meadow's Spirit Wave to kill everything. Repeat.

Erm....if the character hp can change from you know 17 20 something to 432 673 and attack not like 1 2 3
but 47 56 71 will be better and god damn it a good rpg game don't need so much random battle and put more enemies!! I was bored when just fight like 10 times the goblin and change the goblin face & add a helmet not counted as a new enemy :3

good but the prices on weapons get stupid and it gets boring after an hour or less needs more omph if ya know what i'm talking about

good story line, damn in my head "gotta finish this one" even when i feel kinda tired. GOODJOB MAN!