Reviews for "Pact"

Too many random battles. I couldn't finish this game... So bored.
But good idea though.

A star for artwork, and a star for the story idea. Half a star for the music, which was good, but didn't really add to the game, and a half star for charecter design, which was pointless after the first level or two of strength boosting. Gameplay, minus one star. Dull grinding.

I find the game...stale. Have hundred of healing potions, mana, elixer...bu only be used in battle. Why not out of battle. Also you can't give other characters potions, it has to be done on the characters turn. Take off the gold system...it is useless after upgrading 2 times..the rest is insane. This game would get Zero's without the exp exchange. I fyou find stuff hidden in the forest...the old stuff is thrown away....hey I found this amulet...oh found another...lets throw away the first one. Why not be able to sell those items and tada...fix the gold situation.

Very very very repetitive! No tactics or strategy needed whatsoever. The second half of the game it is just a neverending clickfest.

Characters have skills that have no use for the entire game (like the redhead girl's skill that decreases damage for the entire fight).

The prices in the shop are broken. The shop is absolutely useless because of that, but you do not need it to win the game anyway.

I wonder, did the author play the game that he made? There is no way he tested it.

The only good thing about this game is the artstyle. I liked it.

This game had a chance at being great, but the lack of variety (in both enemies and abilities of characters), the glitch in the cost of buying new items, and the anti-climatic ending killed the game for me.