Reviews for "Pact"

the movement is WAY too slow and the battles need to be replaced with icons saying HEY theres a bad guy here making them less common

Hyptosis responds:

The move speed thing is a bug, I can't track down why that is happening. Try this link and I bet the frame rate issue stops. http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/61725a5c2e12fd0297cba738f0708838

I love your lore and your art style but there were a few problems here.
Gameplay - Was way too easy, all you needed was strength (I tend to abuse these things sadly)
Ending - I know it points to work later but I expected something a bit more
Time - Took way too long to do anything and it was super repetitive
Suggestions now!
Maps - It would be awesome if we had a top down map which would make our game a bit better and should ease map design for you
Combat - A bit more animation like the warrior decloaking would be awesome, other than that there needs to be a bit more variety.
Shops - Shops were nice until it cost 6 million for a new weapon, I assume it's based off of how you spend experience points as well.

Hey Hyptosis -

I love your games and am impressed with the world you are building... but man, this game was seriously bloated with random encounters. I loved the backstory you did on the characters, but it took upwards of four hours to crawl through the game, with combat that was really one-dimensional. There were so many random encounters, my party's XP became so high that I could one-hit everything, resulting in countless fights that was simply all-Attack without ever getting hit. Tune down the random encounter rate and the game becomes harder due to the progression being slower.

Also, could have used a little more at the end. The end scene was shorter than some of the interludes we got in terms of dialogue and the demon, despite being advertised as crafty and smart, essentially said nothing and tried to trick no one, and was stabbed with no fan fare.

Look forward to seeing more games from you!

Amerwyn has like, 31 damage for me. TO buy another sword for her, Id have to expend 57,512,483 gold......yeeeaaaahhhhhhh. That kinda seems like a problem. Not saying gold is useless, but it kinda is


good combat, graphics, and characters
exploration was partly interesting
the game repetitiveness didn't bother me until one hour in
only suggestion would be to reduce the amount of trash mob encounters