Reviews for "Pact"

I really like RPGs so I understand the need to grind some, but there are some improvements needed in this:

1. An indicator (like a simple color) to let us know which entry point we entered the board from.

2. Give the Shop it's own icon on the map.

3. Let us choose which accessories to equip or unequip. But I get the old school approach towards this. It reminds me of Wizardry.

4. Buyable potions.

5. A more evened out pricing system for the equipment. So far the two girls were far cheaper to equip than the Rogue/thief type. I don't think I was able to afford anything of his yet. His stuff is very expensive from the beginning. In usual RPG settings, all characters have starter gear and work their way up. The better, the more expensive. So I'm not sure how awesome you were planning to make him, but according to tradition those prices should indicate he's a force to be recon with.

Most of the time I'm wondering around and it's a bit confusing as to when the story will start back up. So could we:

6. Have a main map showing the direction the main characters are supposed to take for the sake of progressing the storyline?

Wandering around should be an option. It's a good thing that helps us discover new items and level up, but some people just want to get to the story and beat the game.

Other than that....

I had no framerate issues.

Game loaded nicely.

Art was good.

Voice acting was pro.

Mechanics were nicely done! Especially on the map!

Very very very repetitive! No tactics or strategy needed whatsoever. The second half of the game it is just a neverending clickfest.

Characters have skills that have no use for the entire game (like the redhead girl's skill that decreases damage for the entire fight).

The prices in the shop are broken. The shop is absolutely useless because of that, but you do not need it to win the game anyway.

I wonder, did the author play the game that he made? There is no way he tested it.

The only good thing about this game is the artstyle. I liked it.

This game needs some serious refinement. I've been playing for about an hour and a half now, and I can already see some issues...

1. The imbalanced skill gain: The three characters have a very slow, very steady increase in cost of EXP to gain stats. That's all well and dandy, except for the fact that each time you rank up your stats using EXP instead of gold, there's an insane price jump in the equipment cost. I have Amerwyn with 14 Vitality and the starting Chain Mesh, and the price to upgrade from the Chain Mesh is over thirty-nine thousand gold. I'm still only getting maybe 15-20 gold per fight.
2. Gold is useless: Aside from the problem above, you get less of the stuff than you do EXP on average. There's next to no point in getting gold when your equipment prices are skyrocketing for no earthly reason.
3. You can only use items IN a fight: Normally I wouldn't really complain about this, but when the enemies get to the point where you either kill them in the first turn or take hefty damage, there's no way to replenish your health or mana without some kind of loss. I found myself having to backtrack towards the very beginning of the game where there were enemies that only did 1 point of damage just to have everyone drink a mana potion and not lose half their health in the process...
4. You can't have Meadow heal outside of a fight: Read problem 3.
5. Lack of Options: There's no inventory system with which to try to decide what loot I think is better on whom, everything it just linear. All encounters I've come across thus far have just been cases of "Okay who do I want to give this stat increase to??" There isn't even an option to back out of the event if I think the event is potentially dangerous. Which leads me to my next point-
6. The Inability to Back Away/Run: I actually had to restart once because I encountered the goblin squads that deal five damage each slaughtering my party on low health. I ran out of potions and in a mad-dash to try to get to the lower areas, I hit four of those fights in a row and ended up dying.

This game has great potential, it really, really does. But there are too many things that go against it in my eyes to allow me to really rate this game high. I will play through to the end, but then I'm putting this one down. I hope your future games improve from here, you show potential.

The game looked nice, and it was pleasantly smooth and easy to play.

And you clearly put much effort into the dialog/map design.

But you need to think about how to make the game mechanics more fun. It held my attention for an hour then became very repetetive. Then I read a comment below that said there isn't even a boss fight so I give up... I do look forward to see what else you can produce in this series though.

you are missing alot of basic stuff from roguelikes, maybe you want to stand your ground with something original, but in this one it didnt work out so well

at first in the areas before the 5 damage goblin squad, the game becomes terribly predictable, in a roguelike game or any battle game your first worry in a battle becomes your speed, but here you always start first, so you only worry to rise your attack, and you are golden, the game becomes a grind fest with no escape, literally, no escape option, wich is nice in its own way, but can become awfull when you are fighting the same squad you can kill with 1 hit every 2 steps, then its the difficulty rise, when you meet only squads of 15hp enemies, monks, trolls and... drown rangers? and they all make 8 damage, you literally ask the people to go back and grind their asses so they can take their hits, i tried to enjoy the game, but it just had nothing new to give me other than an attempt to a roguelike with no fun or notably rewards... in its own way it was well done, but its just feels not worth to fully complete it.

also, i usually have some respect for the authors and creators of the games they let me play for free, but the answer you gave below

Hyptosis responds:
I'll check out your games then and learn from your example... oh wait!ยจ

only makes you look childish

i will look forward to your future games