Reviews for "Pact"

Played this because it's from Hyptosis, but as far as your games go, this was one of the more disappointing ones.

First off, controls. It's annoying to constantly click, but using the keyboard controls was not really an option beyond movement because you don't have ANY keyboard controls for the combat menu, which is a weird oversight, considering you took the time to add keyboard movement controls for the main map.

Second, you don't really explain the items thing very well. Sure, you say it does X thing, but when looking at characters' combat stats and equipment, it only shows the most recent acquired item that they're wearing, and also does NOTHING to explain what stats they're receiving from the item, nor can I move equipped items from one character to another.

Third, you don't really explain what to do with xp. I only stumbled on its use by randomly deciding to click on one of my characters' stats and miraculously finding out that I can add to their stat points. More confusingly, however, is that these stat points don't really behave like regular stat points; instead, I spend X amount of xp to increase a character's stat by 1 instead of, say, letting each character get 1 stat point per amount of (individually tracked) xp.

Finally, I really, REALLY hate the scaling equipment prices. For example, right now, if I want to upgrade Will, who currently has 19 Str, from a bronze dagger, I have to pay more than 16 MILLION gold. Short of hacking the flash, there is no way in HELL that I'll get that much gold. While I think it's fine to have scaling prices for items (though I don't think it really makes sense), the current scaling is extreme.

Some other minor gripes:
-Character potraits don't update with the changes to their equipment (e.g., Meadow not wearing "Red robes)

-Enemies in an area can be quickly outleveled, making monster encounters annoying stops in your map exploration

-To add on to the previous point, vitality quickly becomes useless when you can one-shot all the enemies

-Lack of dynamic enemies; after the first area, they're ALWAYS encountered in 3s and, despite different graphics, ALL have *roughly* the same amount of health

-Battle menu doesn't show the numbers on players' health, magic, or on the enemies' health (though not showing the numbers on enemies' health might be understandable)

-No counters for items in the battle menu unless I hover over the item

-Unable to heal or restore mana out of combat because I can't access items/inventory/potions

Beyond that, the art, voice acting, and dialogue were spot on, as always, but these flaws made it impossible for me to finish the game as it currently stands.

This isn't badly made, but it's not a good game. As others have said, it's repetitive, and there isn't much going on. I was too bored to play on at level 3.

Long, boring and repetitive. I hate it. The soundtrack is pretty good. That gives this disaster half a star.

After playing for a while i found a few issues with the game.
Vitality is redundant because you just need to upgrade the weapons of the hero's to deal enough damage to kill the enemys in the area first so so you dont lose any health. Once you can kill the enemys first go, it becomes just a matter of getting to the end of that chapter untill the next stronger enemys apear, and you just go through the cycle of upgrading your weapons.
Money is pointless because you just need to use your xp to lv up gear and this in turn increases the cost of gear to upgrade at camp.(to a ridiculous price)
The enemies names should be shown above them to give them character. You should add a beastairy to show enemies stats.
Add magic and physical damages.
The game becomes very repetitive and nothing new happens in the game to to make it interesting.
Good idea for a game but you really need people to test it and get fresh input before releasing it.

I liked it, but it was redundant. The story was intriguing and I'd love to see a sequel. The difficulty needs to be ramped up. Enemies need special skills. The heroes skills need to be useful; the only skills I really used were Cutpurse and the Witch's heal spell. And honestly, I had to throw my own RP in there and force myself to use the skills because the game was just too easy. When you tested the game, didn't you notice the over accumulation of potions? Make an option to trade in excess items for something spectacular.

And thanks for the memories =)