Reviews for "Pact"

This game drew me in, and it has a lot of potential. It's good enough to have brought me, a discerning gamer, through the first part of the game, where it is fun, even challenging for about 11 seconds. But then the balance falls off. It is far too easy for me to make my characters all-powerful basically right out of the gate. I've been playing for not more than an hour and already I can't find any set of enemies I cannot easily dispatch in one click by using one of my characters overpowered group moves. In order for this to work, there need to be enemies in proportion to the abilities of the PC's as they level up; perhaps there was such an enemy out there, but I spent at least 20 minutes looking for him and so I assume no higher tier of antagonist exists. If he does, make him easier to find-- or better yet, have your fiends level up with the characters to keep things even, the way they did in FFVIII. Despite my criticism I want you to know I enjoyed this, and that this game has the potential to be enjoyable in general, if only a few serious issues are willing to be addressed. Good luck and I look forward to playing your next roguelike.

Seriously. Like everyone said. Fix the price scaling. You must of put an extra digit in one of the codes so it just gets ridiculously high. Like... 60k high on the third item in weapon. I'm not sure if it's a mistake in the coding or you really meant to make it that way...

Still like the game. Be pricing is stupid.

Long, repetitive, unfulfilling, and ultimately I could not continue playing after an hour of mashing mouse1.
I could barely progress, since the shopkeeper wanted 300 billion, yes Billion with a B, for an upgrade from a Bronze Sword to whatever...When the enemies drop ~50 gold at a time.

It has good art, which I expect from Hyptosis. But I should've also anticipated that, while good looking, it's barely a game.

This game has two major flaws, and a few minor ones, too. The first major flaw is that the weapons/armor prices jump incredibly in proportion to your stats, so buying equipment is impossible once you start leveling up your characters (Near the end, upgrading weapons would have cost 300 billion gold.) The second major flaw was that the second half of the game, although massive, held only two relics to pick up and a handful of enemies that you'll run into over and over again. The game really runs out of the steam by the time you make it to the end.

As for minor flaws, the story ends too fast and is not nearly rewarding enough, the environment graphics change every time you have a random encounter, the equipment upgrades don't do much for your characters even if you do forgo leveling up your characters, and the lack of advanced magic makes leveling up your magic points almost useless.

There are a few pluses: the graphics for the battles are great. The characters and monsters alike move very fluidly, and the music is pretty good even though it gets a little repetitive.

Overall, the bad outweighs the good. Sorry, but this game isn't worth the hour + it takes to get through it.

Modest and bad reviews but top game this month...interesting.