Reviews for "Pact"

this game is not realy bad but you need ti add an button called rest so den the pary health an mana can regenerate

This is an exceptional RPG game that has a decent amount of strategy required. The characters start out with a good amount of different attacks to use, the background art is very detailed and enjoyable, and a deep story is added to top it all off. However, there are some minor problems that make the game not as good as it could have been.

The amount of attacks given to the characters at the beginning of the game gives the player a good battle strategy that he or she might commonly use, which is a good way for the player to get used to the game and decide how it will be played. There are splash-damage attacks, heavy attacks on a single target, and much more.

The background art is simply pretty in general. It has a good texture, it's well shaded, and it really improves the appearance of the battle. If the background art weren't there, the battles would be much less enjoyable.

The game starts off with a decent exposition, introducing the characters and what the main goal is. As the player progresses through the world, the characters will discuss what is going on, to help pay attention to the main point of the story.

There are some things that could've been better. The transition between the map screen and a battle isn't very good, and is confusing and random at first. There should be a better way of showing that the main characters ran into a group of enemies and are about to fight them. Also, there isn't really a special gameplay feature that really makes this game unique. It's similar to many other RPG games out there.

But in general, this is an exceptional game that requires a good amount of strategy and has decent gameplay that flows well.

Sorry. This game just isn't good.

The only thing I've got to say, it's by no means a rougelike

This game had a chance at being great, but the lack of variety (in both enemies and abilities of characters), the glitch in the cost of buying new items, and the anti-climatic ending killed the game for me.