Reviews for "Pact"

Enemies every three seconds. I don't really like it, but the story is beautiful, anyway.

I have to agree with Cann. This game has potential, but right now all you have to do is dump al your experience points into strength and you can just one shot each enemy. That takes away any strategy about using your potions or mana.

Soooo i was very disappointed with the ending. I did my standard RPG explore every tile before moving onto the next room to try and get/unlock everything and my characters just got way to strong. I was not trying to farm just running around looking at everything. I put points in strength to stay ahead of my enemies damage and then would put the remainder in other stats, preparing for some epic boss battle only to find it was a waste. Some things need to be balanced out to make it a little more difficult/interesting. The cost or gear scaling with experience points, for example, make it impossible later on to even buy anything with gold. had 2k+ with the cheapest upgrade available at 4k+ and new weapons costing 11 Billion gold....so some suggestions:

*Remove gear gold cost scaling with stat point alignment and increase the cost per point spent of stat increases. Maybe even an exponential growth to encourage more then just strength increases.

*Add bosses.

I would have given this five stars if there had actually been a fight at the end of all this leveling and gearing. I know you wont make any changes here, but i would love to see another game from you all with a little more balance and some epic fights!

Not enough variety in enemies etc...I managed to beat it by raising the strength of each character loads by beating easy enemies at the start and then just steaming my way through the rest of the game...Got very boring near the end and I as glad it was over

Too easy. Just dump all of your Exp in strength and all party members can 1 hit each enemy. You'll never get hit and never use mana.