Reviews for "Pact"

decent scripting bit plain though, whats with the ridiculous price jumps on gear? by the time you get to third tir its like "88743488574873498" for a hat , practically a made up number that....

More of a maze than an rpg

I'm impressed by the quality of the game, but the gameplay itself is quite lacking. It's really unfortunate, but this game seems to be a boring copy of RPG gameplay tropes that were never fun in the first place (the map is neat but it's not inherently fun), and narrative is told in the most boring way imaginable. Without a compelling story or hook (a fancy cutscene or even voice overs), there is no reason to play.

I also sense some poor balancing. I would suggest getting a game designer for your next project.

wait...what? you get to the end and literally thats it? well anyway,wish there was a back option for attacks,that upgrades didnt cost insane amounts,that all you need to do is get strength up high enough to one shot everything and you win the whole damn game...

Too easy, too much fight, not a single boss fight, lame equipment upgrade system.