Reviews for "Pact"

Good art, music & story line.

But here is some numbers, (warning spoilers ahead):

I have 4686 experience I am afraid to use be because I do not want to 1hit defeat the last boss.

I have 6301 gold I cannot use since the cheapest armor cost 16711 and most expensive weapon cost 4572061019. Might be less of an issue if not for fact the most rewarding battle is 27 gold.

I have 59 Healing potion, 52 Mana potion, 32 Elixirs, 22 Blue Incense & 28 Red Incense I am afraid to use since I cannot buy them from shop, and do not know if I will get killed using them between rounds.

After around 3 hours of same basic map and enemies I found I have nothing to be afraid because there is no boss, and ending consist of 7 dialogs and 1 artwork.

A seemingly endless maze populated with seemingly endless enemies until, suddenly, the end.

Here we have a good, but repetitive, roguelike.
The battles are too slow when you consider how many you'll be in. These encounters start off at a reasonable difficulty, and get harder as you go, until you progress far enough. At this point you will upgrade your stats, and then go on to win every battle without taking damage, which is saying something, because the encounters happen every 1-4 tiles (too often).

If you're looking for a quick and diverse fantasy game, I'd suggest passing this one over. If you have a bowl of cheetos ready and a friend to pass the time with, give this game a once-over.

+good visuals
+nice music
-useless shop (stat upgrades are cheaper)
-too many battles
-battles are too easy

No difficulty, too many random encounters, and many dead ends made this game become a chore to continue. At least add an auto fight mechanic so that I don't have to mindlessly click for hours when I already one-hit everything.

This is a good game, but it could be better. Starting off, I do enjoy the lore and art work, which is as always brilliant.
Some bits of the writing seem a tad problematic, with the blackest character speaking in a very stereotypical witch doctor speech, and everyone kowtowing to the absolute whitest of white characters. I assume nothing intentional, just something to keep in mind.

As far as actual game-play, it is kind of boring. not much of anything changes. With the amount of XP given out, I had just dumped everything into str, and one-shot things. Given that the monsters did not get tougher over time, there was never any risk to my actions, which is the hallmark of a good Rogue-like. To me the JRPG style combat detracted from the overall package. If something similar to early wizardry games could have been made, it would have really been spectacular.

Biggest things to work on would be balancing gold given and XP, to add a bit of a challenge.