Reviews for "Pact"

Pact is a good game. Its only problem is the leveling system, where you use exp. points to upgrade your characters -- which may become tedious and time consuming after some time, because you usually need a considerable amount of exp. points if want to improve all characters in your party, either simultaneously or one by one.

This is no RPG, I maked any choice.
The all game is equiparable to the Cave of Zubat, so: More RPG Less combat.
Shop prices are completely broken, i raised only strength and all combats ended just in 1 second, there's so much to tell, but, BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP!

Love these style of games, very good story line, always keeps me wanting more :)

good story line, damn in my head "gotta finish this one" even when i feel kinda tired. GOODJOB MAN!

Very impressive game!

But it has a lot of minuses in it. The length of the game is sadly a reason that breaks the perfect score, it seems almost impossible to finish in one day due to petty monotonic gameplay. Thank god there are at least different enemys from time to time and several hidden items to break this complete monotonic curse. Another minus would be the price miscalculations that highers the price of gear significantly for every stat increase.

Overall this just cuts of half a star. The other half is beacuse I was really expecting a boss battle with the demon, instead there's just a small chat scene and *SPOILER ALERT* the end.

As for what are those 4 stars for is definitely for solid art graphics, smooth gameplay and a good upgrade collection.