Reviews for "Pact"

First I want to say that I wanted to like this. Unfortunately, wasting time, in itself, doesn't help a game's rating.

The combat is boring. All it boils down to is first the player does damage, the enemies do damage, player heals, the enemies do damage again, then the player kills them. Status effects, unique abilities and events, and--given that Initiative, character turn speed, charge time, or something to that effect is absent--the option to pick which character's turn to use first, second then third would all have given it life and color(the kind felt, not seen). The option to flee would have been a very welcome feature as every battle instance the player is thrown into are completely unavoidable, which makes the simple act of advancing and exploring annoying, irritating, and tedious.

The story is absent to the point where it's simply part of the backdrop. The dialogue between the characters in scenes is predictable and awkwardly written. The design of the characters is tasteful, but everything else is bland. Even the music rhythmically drones on in a way that is detrimental to the experience--it further bores the listener and causes them to "tune out". The worst part is the piece with the drums, and that says plenty.

Gold is not only completely useless, but as the player continues to purchase equipment, the prices climb up insultingly high, to the point where it'd be better to forego it altogether. Worse, when one purchase of one item is made, the price for the next piece and EVERY other piece not yet purchased nearly doubles. Experience spent on stats also raises the price by an insane amount. I remember purchasing some armor for Meadow at about 200g. Once I've finished purchasing armor for the other two and increased my stats, when I reached the next shop, the price for her next armor was way out of my range, approximately 5,000 maybe more.

The menu selection in combat could easily have been provided key bindings(mainly numbers) as an alternative to the mouse. There are no resting points, but of course that begrudgingly makes sense since the characters are walking through an untamed forest where there are unlikely to be any businessmen(namely innkeepers, campers and the like who will offer rest in exchange for gold) other than the one trader following you around peddling his petty wares while raising the prices exorbitantly high because he thinks you wouldn't notice.

The only indisputable merit is the character art, and even then, two of them look like they got way more attention than the one. WIlliam Penterghast's Exp menu portrait could certainly use a bit more work. It's the Exp menu portraits of the other two that really pop out. While effort was clearly made in making the enemies unique visually, nothing else set them apart from each other. All they do is attack, and even that's not unique between them--the animated sprites just flash white and the character attacked takes damage.

There is potential in this setting, characters etc. for an engaging story told in a fun game. I would like to see it make a comeback in another project. Pact, however, while definitely useful as a waste timer, is not very fun while it does, and isn't engaging at all.

Pros: I liked the enemy designs and variation you had. I enjoyed using the mouse to navigate through the game as it made things simpler (REMEMBER! Simpler does not always mean better! Does it take away from the user's interaction with the game?). Decent concept (would've said good game if not for what I mention below).

Cons: Same with what the guy before me (Dosko) said and plus some. This game was so disappointing. At the very least to make it seem that the game had interesting content, you could have designed different levels in areas with different enemies. I don't know what software you used in creating the game but is it that hard to design new tile sets for additional environments? I enjoyed probably the first 15 minutes of the game from which it started to deteriorate from there. The game stopped being fun and became a chore after all my characters were just able to one hit every enemy and from then on I was playing only to reach the end. When I encountered new enemies, they very quickly became one hit targets. The mechanics are severely broken. Very low difficulty.

I do enjoy this genre so if I seem harsh then it's because I'm venting my frustration of playing this game. Could have been a whole lot better if the mechanics were balanced and if it included a boss battle! (I was really looking forward to a difficult boss battle). Next time, play test!!! I would actually like to play a sequel or new game with the same concept if it resolves the issues in this game. At least include a decent boss battle and it would have earned an extra star from this review.

I thought this was a decent effort, but there are a lot of problems with it. I'll start with the positives first: the character art and enemy designs were pretty good (although Will's incomplete hands are a little disappointing), the music is nice and fits well with the theme and atmosphere of the story, and the voice acting was really good.

Given that, there were many issues, but I'll just name a few since most were probably already covered: random encounter frequency gets a little ridiculous at times; navigating the map is almost impossible as every exit is the same in appearance (I honestly ended up quitting because I could not for the life of me figure out where to go, though my crappy memory probably doesn't help...); the inability to use potions on other party members, and the ludicrous shop prices.

I would suggest working on that. Maybe making the correct exits look different than the other random exits so you know you're on the right track. Some other things I would try out next time (and I hope there is a next time, since this does have some potential to be an entertaining game or even series) would be to balance out the leveling system so that allocating everything into strength doesn't make everything so easy. Making enemies different in attack and vulnerable, resistant, or immune to certain types of attacks might help, as this would involve more strategy than just clicking the attack button over and over.

Another thing, and this is just personal preference, but I kind of wish that the character designs reflected the gear/items purchased, though that's a lot of extra work and not that big of a deal in the long run. Perhaps in the future it would be possible to make more decisions (maybe even within the party itself, which could lead to better teamwork/morale or even negatively impact the group if the wrong choice is made.)

That's about it. I think everything else was covered by other reviewers, but I did forget one thing, and that was I really wish there was a "cancel action" button. I don't think there is, as I never saw one, but when you accidentally click attack or special attack or magic, and don't want to use it, you can't cancel it and do something else, which is kind of annoying.

I think this was a decent effort, like I said, and if changes were made to reflect the issues mentioned, I think it could be really fun.

Dat boss battle.

the game is good for about a half hour, but this is not a RPG, i did not make any decisions other than, should i turn right or left? and the leveling system is broken, all i had to do was buff my strength and then i was one hitting everything even with my mage