Reviews for "Pact"

Not a perfect battle mode
there should be run and skip button or something like that

Starting good but game become super repetitive later on.
Story lack point but still good.
Final boss dead in story not in battle.
No boss fight.

Extremely repetitive combat.
Lack of story.
No point to upgrading anything but strength.
Equipment costs billions when the most amount of money I had was in the thousands.
No boss battles. Not even a final boss battle, it was stupidly anti-climactic.
Eventually every square contained mobs - Extremely repetitive.

This game was a waste of time.

At least the animation is good but the rest of the game is bad but the 1.5 star's I give to this game is for animation.==> (.Y.)

My 2 cents:

The main thing missing here is an inventory - both for managing equipment and for managing/using items outside of battles.

I came across a bug - when one of my characters lost all health, I could not resurrect him using my elixer because, for some reason, after he died it disappeared from my inventory. I was left stuck with two characters only...