Reviews for "Pact"

3.5 Star for the Jamaican Wood Witch! Meh wayel' out dee mad tings dem a do...lol :-P

This is rather the shell of a game to be worked on. The reason to that is the game is very predictable on the battle system and still slow paced enough. If you do a similar game decreasing the quantity of battle encounters (which makes the game kinda stressful), elaborate the characters a little more (their current class system have no effect on the joy of the game), include buffs and debuffs, allowing the enemies to use skills, and put a boss/miniboss every now and then... it should be a wonderful game.

wtf man?

love it keep it up

You seemed to have based a lot of the map and style off of Etrian Odessy, and I do like the style. your dialogue is pretty interesting, however the game is nearly broken. In order to proceed, all you really have to do is keep your strength stat higher than the enemy's hp. The enemy is basically just a level system, and there isn't anything special about any particular enemy except that they represent the next difficulty. This makes for a very linear, predictable, and boring game. I would try to get to that next cutscene, because I like what you did with the witch, but the pacing is too bland to sit through. HOWEVER! Saying that does not mean I don't respect you as an artist, and this to me is the start of something really great out of you. Keep working at it because you could very easily have something with this kind of idea. Just tweek the game more, make it something special.