Reviews for "Pact"

Like a previous commenter said, it's fun until you figure out how to exploit and grind attribute points. I think you should make another game though, I'm a huge fan of Roguelikes and this one isn't so bad.

your games havent been too shabby so far. I cheked this game with some exectations, but it was a huge waste of time. I feel bad now

Hyptosis responds:

I'll check out your games then and learn from your example... oh wait!

thats it...?

Lame... random encounter every fucking step for 2 hours straght and i'm not even rewarded with a boss fight... so fucking LAME

Takes too long to load!

It's fun, but way, way to easy. Because their no random turn order you just need to increase the first and third character's stats. Then just use the first character's attack that does damage to all enemies... when he runs our of mana, use a mana potion. Then the third character can use their damage to all enemies attacks, and if you've been buffing her up it will take them all out. Then you just have to randomly stumble around the dungeon until you win. And gold is pointless, because all the upgrades become to expensive to even afford. Luckily if you'd like at least SOMETHING to do with it you can just not increase the middle character's stats and then his upgrades will stay obtainable. Not that their's much a point, his sole purpose is to use items to increase the party's mana in a pinch. It was fun, but I didn't finish it because the outcome was obvious, I was going to win.