Reviews for "Pact"

Why do I have to fight with 5 hp monsters at my every god damn step ;~;

Hi. Just wanted to say I really like your game, [1] engine, [2] music, [3] graphics, and [4] plot ... except that random combat can sometimes occur with every step ! It really does slow down the game and become tedious when the "dice" fall against you.

Are you working on a PACT 2 or something ?

Can I also suggest that combat can be enacted entirely by keyboard as well as mouse ? Press letter for [A] attack, [S]pecial, [P]otions. Then target is [1], [2], [3].

Also currently there is no option to back out once you have selected [Attack].

Experience points are a little strange. You must use the total points for each individual character but you cannot have all 3-characters grow like a standard RPG does.

Other than that, the very constant and consistent random encounters. Tune that down a bit and I suspect it won't be just me who will like your RPG a lot more.

I mean, i would love to write a constructive review BUT.... based on the dev response to the last constructive review, i feel it would be a waste of time, since it appears if you have not made a game, you dont know what you are talking about in his/her mind..... so yea 2* and learn how to take criticisim, both good and bad, thats how you improve your submissions.

Hyptosis responds:

I'm sorry, who are you? When people give me good advice, I usually listen. I'm guessing you didn't give very good advice. I don't know why developers and artists are supposed to constantly sit there and 'take it' from abusive consumers who trash their free products. Maybe you caught me on a bad day, maybe you gave bad advice.

Fun game, though you should fix the shop. It should not cost a 14 digit number to upgrade a bronze dagger because the character has a high might. Also, a little long and repetitive, but overall a good game.

Hyptosis responds:


Story at the beginning seemed interesting. Then, repetitive fights went on with similar looking enemies, and the same plot. After some time, I decided to give up since there's no major quests from which I could gain something special. Also, the total experience point can only be used to upgrade the skill of one of the three members. This means it will take a long time to level up.