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Reviews for "Weapon Brown"

This ends waaaay too suddenly. The beginning is awesome, just the perfect blend of graphic and sound, the war, Little Red appearing in a burst of color, the maniacal laughing and then... that's where the awesomeness dies down a bit. It definately serves its purpose though, as a promotional animation. I'm curious enough to click the link now. Hope this'll turn into something awesome one day!


wow, just wow! this is top-notch! certainly a take on the Peanuts gang that i did not expect.

A very short one

So this was pretty "GOOD" but this was really short, you should ad a bit more to it or in this case for your future ones but this had some nice visuals on it with some entertaining value to it, so nice job here, I do look forward to more of your work soon.

Could be longer


Wooow Greaaat It would be better if you would fully uploaded it but it's great ! (I would also add more colors to the ilustrations although as they are the look really good) Regards!

i was trying to figure out what this clip reminded me of and then it hit me. the game madworld for wii. looks almost like him with the robot arm and everything, minus the goofy yellow shirt...... and dog, of course. liked the clip but it does seem a little cliche and overdone, but with the penuts twist