Reviews for "11 Seconds"

A series of decent minigames, nothing really new or inspiring. Functional but not fun.

uhmmm u just grouped easy games for touch screen devices like android
not brilliant but can make u some money

My hand hurts a lot.

This was a good short game great for spending a couple of minutes entertained.
It has a good number of minigames were you'll need different skills to complete. Music was nice and fitted well with all the games. Also the difficulty was just right to make one feel challenged and not like ragequitting.
Overall 5 star material, BUT I took half star down because on the Minigame Tiling you can just win by moving the peices not only from left to right, but also by moving changing them from position in the left side only (Don't know if I'm being very clear on this one :/)

GeneralVimes responds:

Thank you very much!
Oh, Looks like I have to fix the code in "Tiling", I'll do it soon.

Fixed! :)

this is great idea for a game
this game's medals are great
they are fun to get
keep it up