Reviews for "11 Seconds"

Too hard :(

Sethbling Made A 15 Secounds Maybe He Did From This Game
(for mincraft)

Fun. Addicting too. My only complaint is that I had a lagging problem on the triangle game. Parts of the screen would freeze up and such.

I really love the unique concept of this game and the graphics, now I know I say this in nearly every review I make but, that's just because it's true. :)

btw the 6th level really looks like the game "Escape" that I used to play 3 years ago in maths at the end of the lesson on the touch board. However I can't find it anymore because there is soooo much other stuff called escape, 3 years ago I just typed "escape" into google and it was the first thing on the search but, now I surf the internet for hours and can't find it. So I'm really happy to see something soo close to it. :)

I can Imagine how much time it took you to make the entire game.

I thought the mini games to be uninteresting, being only fun the first time playing them.
The soundtrack wasn't great either.