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Reviews for "Jessica Rabbit FM"

Why can I never just fuck Jessica Rabbit? Always dumb BDSM shit that I can't fap to, every game I play.

You've done some vanilla stuff I really enjoy, so I was excited when I saw this, but it was boring and shallow with, essentially, no redeeming qualities besides star value. You can do better.

Awful, as usual. Same bad voice clips. Mediocre animation. Same idiotic concept of rubbing the character in a specific pattern even despite the fact she is apparently against her will. No options to mute audio or music. No way of skipping these tedious "foreplay" scenes.

Apply yourself.

I hate the length of the foreplay scenes and that you have to go in a pattern. Why can't you start at specific point and go from there? A mute option be nice too.

could of been better

Whatever happened to the legend that was Meet n Fuck is long gone. I give this half a star not because this really is worth half a star, but because of the obvious decline in quality of your work over the past few years. Why bother releasing this inferior content? This is like Monet switching from oil paintings to a crayon coloring book. The same overused crap, the same similar, unoriginal girls, just with a different set of buttons to push with mildly arousing content. The only reason I click on these anymore is with the fleeting hope that one day you will return in all of your former glory. But no... everything from the past TWO YEARS has just been a huge disappointment. You really let your fans down.
If you want a real fap, anything by this author from 2011 or earlier with "Meet 'n' Fuck in the title is good.