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Reviews for "Jessica Rabbit FM"

Always thought she was sexy. Then again, I think that's what they were going for when they made the movie.

I didn't like this game as much as others here, mainly because "sex machines" are not really my thing. The first part was actually very good, however.


As my personal crusade for better and more cumshots in sex games begins, I condemn this game for the complete lack of one. I will let it fly this time, because of the theme.

All ye faithful unite! The year of our cock 2014 will mark a new era for cumshots in gaming!

All for cum and cum for all!

um....as a fetish of bondage and your flash games, I find it hard to suck in that anyone gets a thrill of being tapped on the leg with baton, or just moaning at random getting whipped on the breasts or ass or shocked for any reason.
i give a four and a half stars because of the animation and the part where she gets shocked on the tits, i almost laughed because how her hair flairs out. lol

Honestly I'm not into this stuff but I would like to get a hold of some of those machines.. /.\

I loved it! Jessica Rabbit used to turn me on when I was a kid. Very wel done.