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Reviews for "Jessica Rabbit FM"

Now the animation did not seem to be drawn manually

the gameplay is way to complicated when the purpose is to masturbate to these not stress


out about what's what

The physics and fact that it was a machine instead of the guy was one poor choice

It may not be shit but it's not operational

I hate the length of the foreplay scenes and that you have to go in a pattern. Why can't you start at specific point and go from there? A mute option be nice too.

I loved it! Jessica Rabbit used to turn me on when I was a kid. Very wel done.

Awful, as usual. Same bad voice clips. Mediocre animation. Same idiotic concept of rubbing the character in a specific pattern even despite the fact she is apparently against her will. No options to mute audio or music. No way of skipping these tedious "foreplay" scenes.

Apply yourself.

Not bad.

Although I think it would've been better with an actual guy doing her as well, but still nice job.