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Reviews for "Jessica Rabbit FM"

Whatever happened to the legend that was Meet n Fuck is long gone. I give this half a star not because this really is worth half a star, but because of the obvious decline in quality of your work over the past few years. Why bother releasing this inferior content? This is like Monet switching from oil paintings to a crayon coloring book. The same overused crap, the same similar, unoriginal girls, just with a different set of buttons to push with mildly arousing content. The only reason I click on these anymore is with the fleeting hope that one day you will return in all of your former glory. But no... everything from the past TWO YEARS has just been a huge disappointment. You really let your fans down.
If you want a real fap, anything by this author from 2011 or earlier with "Meet 'n' Fuck in the title is good.

Honestly I'm not into this stuff but I would like to get a hold of some of those machines.. /.\

I hope I can CONTROL what I want to play

This is great always want to do jess every since the movie thanks for a dream that came true lol

um....as a fetish of bondage and your flash games, I find it hard to suck in that anyone gets a thrill of being tapped on the leg with baton, or just moaning at random getting whipped on the breasts or ass or shocked for any reason.
i give a four and a half stars because of the animation and the part where she gets shocked on the tits, i almost laughed because how her hair flairs out. lol