Reviews for "10 (NG Medal Edition)"

nice little puzzle game. Nothing too challenging

Great game, it's easy and addicting.
you'll do well with it on devices.

Whoa, it got me hooked and i don't even like adding numbers.


fun little puzzle, but nothing new or interesting besides the medals.
A good challenge and well made though.

iojoe responds:

Thanks BuzzWhipple!! The mechanic of addition + blocks becomes clearer in the later levels - I had aimed to make something at least a little new

Good music, good graphics, good concept.
It is too easy.
Why to choose an item ? It is not possible to unlock all medals since we have to choose one item between 2, why do not you just give medal when level finished ?

iojoe responds:

Thanks Vincenz1! I'm working on a sequel with harder levels :) For the medals I wanted to show peoples choices, but as MI4-REAL-2001 found if you want to get them all you can play through a second time after deleting your data.