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Reviews for "Ninja Action - 3"

Man, this is so cool, and a great step up from the first couple of installments of the series.
I really like how you made separate scenes with different celebrity/government types, and an added bonus were the scenes at the end showing your progress as you worked on this. Great stuff!
Not to mention that this would make an AMAZING side scroller beat-em up game, because I'm pretty sure this is what the next generation of 2D gaming should look like.
Keep up the amazing work, I'll definitely be on the look out for the next chapter!

Almost realistic

Poor Jackie Chan ;_;

Great humor/action.
5/5 would watch again and enjoy.

Nice, loved the bits with the Russian politicians.

Are we ever going to get continuations of the second and third episodes?

I can never get enough Ninja Action! my goodness is this terrific!!!