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Reviews for "Ninja Action - 3"

Good animation, Nice Effects, and realistic background. I love the part when Jackie Chan Fails, and Fails! HILARIOUS!

Love it. Can't wait to see what happens. Out of all i like the little girl with the shotgun...but new people look good.

Love the twist in this one, including different characters rather than just the Ninja we've all grown to love! Glad to see Jackie Chan starring, though it's unfortunate there weren't more household objects he could've made use of. :P Nikali Valuev was awesome, Putin was genius, the names following him I don't really recognize but they were easy to make sense of anyway. Great idea... and this leaves room for more! How about throwing in Arnold Shwarzennegger, Jet Li and maybe Yun-Fat Chow? Keep it going!


This deserves a 6! The action is amazing, quick reflexes, powerful blows. Hilarious intros to some characters. Insane creativity, well done

Everything you make is awesome (although the first ninja action was the best by far). Keep up the good work.