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Reviews for "Tiny Dangerous Dungeons"

Great game!

yeah this game is good, reminds me of another game actually called Tower of Heaven.
Hey if some1s kinds enough can some1 recomend me to the audio portal thx I hate to beg but yeah

The game kept me entertained through the whole thing.
I tried this the first time about a week ago and got stuck somewhere.
I came back today and tried again and finally beat it.
This game is a very fun challenge and I enjoyed it very much.

Excellent game.

This is a very good game, and I really like the Metroidvania style of it. Though, I have to disagree with the description. In Tip1, it says that statues are the only way to restore your health. Life Fruits not only increase your max health, but also restore it. This can be very useful in a Statueless run(at least, i suppose).