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Reviews for "Tiny Dangerous Dungeons"

It's fine. The gameplay is really fun in the beginning. The jump is floaty, but still offers a high amount of precision. This gives the jump and dodge gameplay a really fast paced and fun feel. Unfortunately, the game introduces a weapon power-up which works extremely slowly, and thus incentivizes a much slower form of play, despite that not being the most enjoyable experience.

Despite what flaws I've listed, my review would be a fair bit higher if the game didn't overstay its welcome. The last chunk of the game gives you a power-up that makes mobility a lot easier, without necessarily making it more fun, and then forces you to go from one corner of the map to the other and back again. It really turned the whole last fifth of the game or so into an anti-climax.

AdventureIslands responds:

I agree about the last part of the game, it was kind of rushed to meet the deadline, the game was originally made for a 2 week long game jam.

The mobile and desktop versions of the game add a new endgame area and a powerup, making the last part of the game less of a slog.

very fun game

This captured the nostalgia of playing the original gameboy, not only in the visuals and music, but also the gameplay. Amazing job. 5 stars.

awesome but not enough frogs

good, just good