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Reviews for "Tiny Dangerous Dungeons"

its hard but with patience and time its very very fun

A very nice, short game.

Its graphic style does somewhat call for it's difficulty, but it's neither too hard nor too easy. While I had little trouble getting through the gathering part, it took me quite some time to defeat the boss.
Its BGM also goes really well with its graphics.

I have but one thing I found annoying:
Most enemies, read: bats, are just above your attack. It made things somewhat more annoying to do, but hardly made it any harder.

Great game. I love it. Wonderful ideas, catchy song, beautiful graphics. I could be writing so much but I am writing this review because I am STUCK in this game: Once I got the throwing knives I've no idea where to go to. There is one special door I can enter where the music stops playing but if I jump I only end up in the water (I see a crate/chest on the other side but I can't reach it). I can go out and walk to the left where I have to kill two bats but once again I only see water and I will jump to my death if I try to get there.
Can anyone help me, please? Just write me a PM. Thank you very much.

This game is really well done! The gameboy pallete colors and music fit in so well, i felt like playing an actual Gameboy game! well done! I love how you can collect power ups or weopens to progress in the game, as well with enemys that have a certain moving pattern to dodge or jump over the obstacle, this game is really well done! ( i did a lets play) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLXJLxei8Ls&feature=youtu.be

im done i cant take it anymore im qutting at the spider this game is harder than sonic the hedgehog on sega and you couldn't save back then.