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Reviews for "Tiny Dangerous Dungeons"


a list of things that can kill you:
hopper froje
everything else thats tangible but isn't ground

I love this game on android. In fact I have probably played threw it a million times. at one point I was playing threw it once or twice a day that is how much I liked the cell phone version of the game.
This version of the game is buggy with times for no reason the game is constantly slowing down or speeding up which cause me to hit emenies I normally would be able to avoid. This caused numerous deaths and lots of frustration during the play threw. At one point when I got the what I call Jesus boots that allow you to walk on water the game would not allow me to leave the room so I had to refresh the page and get the boots again because every time I tried to leave the room it would just put me back in it. Also with this version of the game you see less of the screen than you do in the cell phone version of the game. Also the cell phone game is longer and has more hidden fruits and additional items that this game doesn't have.
To the creator I would hope you would take some time and go back threw this version the game and smooth out the issues with the game and maybe think of widening the screen like in the smartphone version of the game. Also you are my favorite indie developer. I have played and beaten all your games and I love them all but this by far is your best game. Not the flash version but the cell version of it. Thank you for all the joy your games have brought me.


Good Level Design and Amazing Graphics