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Reviews for "Shambled [unfinished]"

Good game... :^)

Really well done!, would like to see it finished, i think i won xD, cheers!

This game is excellently put together and extremely fun. I have added it to my favorites and await future updates. 10/10

This is a very good and interesting puzzle game! It's a shame that your laptop crashed because a finished version of this would have been great. But even as an unfinished product, I still enjoyed the game! Not sure if this was on purpose or because it wasn't finished, but I liked how there were absolutely no instructions or hints other than the controls list since it made you figure out on your own how each new mechanic or item worked.

As for how the character moves, I don't see a problem with being unable to turn without moving a space because it's part of the puzzles and it makes each puzzle more challenging. If your character was able to face a specific direction without moving a space, it would make the puzzles way too easy. This feature limits the places you're able to pull items/enemies from, so it forces you to find a different spot you can pull things from while still being able to push it if you need to. If you ever continue on this game, I think you should leave that in.

In any case, it's a really great game even as is, and I hope you find a way to continue it!

There is a glitch in the room with the pull switch to activate the door in the cave. ou can go off the screen and keep going for eternity X3.