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Reviews for "Shambled [unfinished]"

Can't anyone read here? The game is not finished, and it never will be because as you can see, he said that his laptop crashed so he can't work on it anymore. Anways the game was great, unfortunatly I think it forze for me at the part where you're supposed to move boxes with the curved thingys to rotate the hook and then open a door. Otherwise a really good puzzel game the only thing I didn't like was the music. so a 4.5/5 :)

And also congratz on frontpage ^^ That's impressive for an uncompleted game.

On the room before they introduce the bank shot you can walk out by just turning around and leaving. Also this game has a nice ambiance.

Pity you lost the game, it would of been damn fine once finished. Two things I didn't like was the music (but that's just taste/opinion,) and the fact you couldn't turn on the spot that just made some areas annoying.

Still very good for what it is and being unfinished!

Great game so far! I got to where that button thing is, and when I walk west I just keep going without moving to the next stage. Good luck completing it :3

Fun game, obviously just finish it but otherwise its pretty fun and has a good challenge.

I think the only thing I might change would be how the character moves ahead a whole space and doesn't turn until he's on the next space. It would be easier for the sake of moving objects and navigating if you could turn to face the direction you wanted to go before actually moving in that direction. This is of course just a suggestion and more of a personal "nit-pick" of my own.

Great work! Keep it up!