Reviews for "Dino Run : Enter Planet D"

YAY!! I'm a type of dino!! Dubstep Dino!! :DD

I love dino run...I f**king love it

I haven't played the other Dino Run games, but if this is any indication, it looks like a promising series! Brilliant concept and execution on this one. The graphics are simple and straightforward, the music complements the fast pace and urgency of the situation to a T, but I think the best thing is the controls, actually.

True, the controls are kind of strangely bouncy and floaty most of the time, but actually-- this imperfection is one of the main things I think is so brilliant about it. If you're running from your life from a mother-f*#%ing lava flow, you're not exactly going to be in full control of your faculties, now are you? And this game captures that manic desperation of a flight for survival perfectly. Love it.


What is more bad ass than being a dinosaur wearing a top hat running a way from a meteor explosion?