Reviews for "Squeaky-Squirrel Anal Rodeo"

Your artwork and style, as usual, is fantastic, but you need more options.

This is pretty awesome there's no doubt about that but i also agree about the lack of options

Such a cute girl :3

thats the ugliest dick i've ever seen

This brings me back to my Furcadia days~ o^^o I was a squirrel there too.. though I never had the privilege to be taken by a horsecock. Thankfully, this game kind of fixes that <3
While I was begging to take it in the front, I didn't mind the anal at all. Although, let me tell you, I'd be making a lot more noise than she was~
I can just keep it at that #3 animation all day, smiling and moaning all the while, and to feel that thrusting climax.. makes me wet just thinking about it <3
Thanks for sharing this very well-animated flash~