Reviews for "Snow Hare"

This was a beautiful work of art. I'm sure your friend would be very happy with your tribute to his memory

Wow just wow

A very thought provoking flash, i particularly liked the way metaphors were used. This touched me in a way few flashes too and for that it deserves no less than 5 stars.

This is going to be one of those newgrounds flashes that we all remember years from now, thnak you for sharing this with us all.

You've got some great graphical prowess going on here. The music and art style remind me a lot of the old Looney Toons. You also did an impressive job leaving out any dialogue and almost all sound effects.

The reason I'm docking a star is because I just don't feel much of an impact from watching this. In many ways this is a lot like the indie game Eternally Us, but it lacks the ability to communicate the very vivid and visceral feelings of grief, partially due to its lack of sound effects and partially due to the animation style. I've always had more of an eye for the macabre, so from a personal standpoint I found grotesque metaphors like Pyramid Head from Silent Hill to be stronger symbols of grief and pain.

If you're going to make an animation about grief, at least make it a little more... Painful?