Reviews for "Snow Hare"

This is a wonderful tribute and clearly shows the grieving process. It is a full and complete story in my opinion done in the warm style of pencil shading. I like that you took the time to apply an art style befitting the theme and that the animation feels a little blurry. It lends a dream like quality to the experience of grief and a total release of that near the end. Your use of colors throughout the animation was truly inspired. Most of all this piece makes you think, that above all else I thank you for.

Thank you for making this, it is beautiful and truly an honorable tribute to your late friend. May he rest in peace. I too have been taken by grief, losing a few good friends recently. Seeing this helped ease some of that pain. Again thank you.

so sad and touching. its never easy losing a dear friend and the griefing process but what you were able to accomplish right there is truely beautiful and i hope it takes you further in life. let all the pain soar away and finally come to peace within yourself. just let it all go. I loved everything about it from the symbolic meaning, sad backstory, classical music, but especially the artwork. as it reminds me of my own childhood reading children's books that i adored because of the pretty artwork/ style that all old children's picture books tend to be like. you friend would have been proud of you and i really do hope you feel better <3

good show mate i loved it, and may he rest in piece
If Thats What You Belive In ;)