Reviews for "Snow Hare"

Wow might be one of the most moving animations I've seen in a long time

Considering this was in memory of one of your best friends I can only imagine what you went through. And if he were to see this animation he would be proud of you. That being said the animationw as superb. If you ever get the chance you should submit this at a film festival or something like that it's an A+ winner in my book.

Keep up the good work and make your friend proud!

Like many others, I found this animation to be deeply touching. I like how you visualized the hare's emotional state - how the grief and anger literally came over him. I found the combination of his visualized emotional state and his facial expressions to be very effective.

The music was well chosen and synced to the story perfectly. The tone of the animation reminds me of childhood and of classic cartoons many of us grew up with, which is endearing in itself. The animation touches upon my own grief over many things. Well done.

Breath-takingly beautiful animation combined with a tragic yet beautifull story makes for this masterfully done marvel. It destroy the stereotype that an animated video must be funny to be any good. this video receives the highest possible score from me.

It took me years to learn what you have teached in 4min
that was an awsome animation, I didn't even know what to say exactly
great job!

I...I loved every moment of this...It was so touching, so true...You have a gift of gold, a story so bold, yet so soft, told so well in only the actions and memories means you have a talent, a talent that not too many people have...You have a heart of gold...I can't say anything other than...This is beautiful.