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Reviews for "Dungeons of Kong"

A good roguelike rpg. It will be nice if we can choose how many glyphs we can offer instead of using them all when the threat level is full, though

Having a game on Newgrounds that can only be saved on Kongregate is a big ouch. Other then that, it is a fun game. I think that even on easy mode, the Threat increases too quickly, but that isn't too bad.

It may seem unfair....but if a game is gonna require you to go somewhere else for other features....then you get a flat ass 0...but I made a mistake and gave 1/2.

nerdook responds:

It's only the import/export features that aren't available, because it requires the Kongregate API! the rest of the game is fully featured.

Love this game but it sucks you have to play on Kongergate to save your hero!!! Needs to save to cookies or something but anywho really good game

Really nice game! I love it!